Tony's A-OK Towing & Recovery

24/7 Towing & Recovery Services in Edmond, OK & Oklahoma City, OK

We offer emergency light and medium duty towing throughout the Edmond, OK area. When you call us for towing services, we will make sure that we can provide service where you are. If you are outside our service area, we will help find a service provider who can assist you. 

Let us know where you are, and what kind of vehicle you're driving. Is your car completely disabled? Will the towing service be for a van or other large car or truck?

Getting this information upfront helps us provide the proper service more quickly. When you are stranded in bad weather such as snow or ice, getting to you quickly becomes that much more important.

We provide 24 hour service. We provide services such as lock outs, and tire changes. We also remove abandoned vehicles off of private property at the owners expense. Call us for all your towing needs. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. 

What Makes Us Different?


Tony's A-OK Towing & Recovery in Edmond, OK is a Class AA state-licensed wrecker service.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety describes that Class AA means that the wrecker operator meets all the requirements of 47 O.S. § 952(D) for towing for law enforcement agencies.

We take pride in this classification, so count on us for reliable wrecker services 24/7 in the Oklahoma City area!


Tony's A-OK Towing & Recovery in Edmond, OK is contacted to assist law enforcement throughout Oklahoma City, OK and beyond with towing and vehicle recovery in accidents.

Some of these agencies include:

University of Oklahoma Police Department

Oklahoma Highway Department

Oklahoma County Sheriff

Edmond Police Department

Client Focused.

We understand that most of our customers call when they're experiencing trouble, so we provide friendly service at competitive rates.


We will always do our utmost to get a tow truck to you as quickly as possible, and tow your car wherever you need it in the Edmond, OK and Oklahoma City, OK area.


Our goal is to minimize your hassles and get you back on the road as quickly as we can.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Got a tow last minute from A-Ok Towing & Recovery LLC in Edmond, OK, BEST PRICE in town hands down and arrived within 15 mins! Great service! Thanks Keith!
Melissa Williams in Edmond, OK
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Keep Safe While You Wait For Us

After we dispatch a tow truck to you, consider the best way to stay safe. Try to get your vehicle to the side of the road where possible.  If you can, get your disabled car into a parking lot or side street.  Otherwise, you run the risk of blocking traffic and that will, in turn, increase the amount of time it takes for our emergency towing service person to help you.

Always call the police when you have been in an accident or have a disabled vehicle that can't be moved.  The police can better facilitate the movement of traffic and ensure that everyone involved stays safe.  Find a secure, well-lighted location and wait for our fast emergency wrecker trucks to arrive.  Call family and friends and let people know where you are.  Be wary of people you don't know--we will reach you as fast as possible.