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Linda in Edmond, OK *****
I was headed home with my granddaughter in my car and the alternator went kaput about a mile from home. I called A-OK and they were there in about 10 minutes. We were able to stay in the car for the ride home so that my granddaughter could stay in her carseat. They are very professional and nice.
Rebecca in Oklahoma City, OK *****
My son broke down on Turner Turnpike on his way back to college. We tried three other towing services (given to us by Highway Patrol) and one was rude, one was too far away and the other was honest about the wait time and cost due to our location. We found A-OK. At that point, I didn't care about the cost, as long as he could get us off the side of the road quickly. Tony was on the road in 5 minutes, showed up in less than 20 and loaded the car in less than 10. And the cost was affordable.
The interaction was nice on an otherwise crummy day. Thank you, Tony!
Lance in Arcadia, OK *****
My wifes truck was totalled out and A-Ok towing towed our truck to their yard. Once i called Tony to verify the truck was there, i got "Yes sir the truck is here, how is your wife?" I told him she was safe, he said "good glad to hear that" not "hey you have a bill and threats for payment".Tony and his crew responded to a 2 vehicle collision which totalled out both vehicles and they were able to take the call and recover and clean the accident up in under 30 mins.
Tony and his crew are very polite,caring and extremely professional at what they do. I have been in the automotive industry for 15 years and have never seen this much delivered from such a company, they will always have me and my wifes business
Richard M. in -, OK *****
Great, fast, professional service. Personable driver with good sense about how to best load my vehicle. Newer, exceptionally clean, flatbed tow rig. Billed the service shop I had my vehicle towed to as well, making for easy payment as part of my total repair bill. Would use again in a heartbeat!
John Harrington in Edmond, OK *****
Thank you, Tony for your prompt professional service!
Melissa Williams in Edmond, OK *****
Got a tow last minute from A-Ok Towing & Recovery LLC in Edmond, OK, BEST PRICE in town hands down and arrived within 15 mins! Great service! Thanks Keith!

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